Friday, November 16, 2012

deejayscootz: BIOGRAPHY

The Finest Music for your Mind, Body and Soul.

deejayscootz is NM Livingston is an award-winning photographer from the age 11, a graduate of Queen's University in Kingston with an Honours degree in Geographical Information Systems and a Master in Environmental Studies from York University specializing in Complex Systems Analysis Food and Justice.  His interest is using his mastery of multiple medias for the cultural development of modern living environments; both urban and rural. NM lives in Toronto, the Near North Canada and the Caribbean. NM is both extremely local and loyal as well as magnanimously global in the scope of his visions. He is the Director Marcellus-Bentley Productions, International performer as deejayscootz.  NM is Founder and President for life of beatzMASSIVE*, a Community Radio programmer for 88.7 Jungle Radio, Publisher of StreetBeatZINE, and the Curriculum Development Architect for Beatz to da’ Streetz. Neil creates a beautiful “G“ on his 12-string guitar, and loves singing folk songs with his daughter. His friends call him professor.
Neil’s current project is the Livingston Portrait Project Part 1: Trans-Colonial Portraiture.

"deejayscootz, observes and absorbs and records so truthfully that you can see and feel it all just by listening."